Versatile and consistent

Ocean Cleaner Technology is the result of research conducted over more than 20 years, developing the OC-Tech, a new catamaran-hulled spill recovery vessel, which addresses market requirements and can respond quickly, without prior and time consuming analysis, to hydrocarbon spills. OC-Tech is also able to deal with algal blooms, jellyfish infestations and sold flotsam and debris contamination. The vessel is versatile on the open sea, in port, inshore and in river situations.

OC-Tech makes an attractive investment because of its competitive pricing, low operating and maintenance costs compared to existing technologies and due to a its wider range of applications, including MARPOL services.


Why is it a good investment?

The OC-Tech is a profitable investment, not only because it has a lower price than the existing ones in the market and lower maintenance and operative costs, but it will offer the investor greater contracting opportunities thanks to its versatility and expands productive capacity.

What operating time do you have?

You can work 48 hours straight without having to unload in port or have to stop the collection to empty your tanks. And it has a collecting capacity of 15Tn at the hour of hydrocarbon of 1mm of thickness, that is to say about 300 Tn a day, in case of large spills.

How far can it go?

The OC-Tech is a catamaran of low draft so it can clean ports and hard to reach places like the shores of beaches, rivers or swamps.

What kind of materials can you pick up?

The new technology of the OC-Tech, allows to screen the solids of the liquids according to the task to be carried out and that, taking advantage of the laws of physics, controls a decanting process that avoids the emulsion of the hydrocarbon and allows its packaging in a high concentration.

Can it be used for other tasks?

The OC-Tech has a large work surface that can be used in addition to transport personnel, material or as a platform for other maintenance work, being very useful in port or oil services, deployment of buoys or anti-pollution barriers, research tasks of the environment, including MARPOL protocols.

A good investment

  • Speed 85% 85%
  • Maintenance 50% 50%
  • Effectiveness 95% 95%
  • Cost 40% 40%
Luis Miranda

Luis Miranda


Sergio Gómez

Sergio Gómez


Christian Harhoff

Christian Harhoff


Vicente Benítez

Vicente Benítez

System development

Santiago Miranda

Santiago Miranda


José Luis Gómez Pérez

José Luis Gómez Pérez

Chief Marine Operation


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783773 - OC-TECH

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