H2020 - Phase 2

Partial Objectives

1.Building a competitive and modern multi-task OC-Tech HORIZON vessel in aluminium

Objective: Designing a competitive multi-task vessel, incorporating unique elements and equipment valued by customers:

OC-TECH, a modern multi-task vessel

1- Modern control bridge located on one side of the vessel..

2- Sea crane placed on the other side of the vessel, equipped to lift, move and place heavy equipment in the OC-Tech, and to deliver and collect the stored liquid and solid waste deposits.



2.Developing the innovative patented OC-Tech systems for the cleaning and treatment of pollutants and marine litter

Objective: Investigating, analysing and developing OC-Tech’s innovative patented cleaning, storage and treatment systems for liquid and solid floating waste, confirming their performance and integrating them into the OC-Tech vessel itself.

Waste collection system

Innovative collection system targeting floating pollutants and spills, without using any chemicals or flocculating agents so as to avoid further polluting the sea.

R&D methodology: Research used to develop the waste collection system

Stage 1: CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations

Stage 2: Construction of prototypes in an artificial water channel

Stage 3: Construction of real models

Stage 4: Full-scale assembly and tests on lab vessel

Cálculo computacional CFD

Computational calculation CFD

Construcción de maquetas en Canal hidráulico artificial

Construction of models in artificial hydraulic channel

Construcción de modelos reales, Ensamblaje y Pruebas reales en barco laboratorio.

Construction of real models, Assembly and Actual tests in a laboratory boat.

Waste concentrator system

The innovative continuous waste storage system, located on the deck of the catamaran, has an inlet where the polluted water goes in and an outlet that returns clean water into the sea, avoiding having to continually go back to the port to deliver the collected waste.

R&D methodology: Research used to develop the waste concentrator system.

Stage 1: Blueprint design

Stage 2: Construction of prototypes to perform trial and error tests

Stage 3: Construction of real models


Solid waste collection system

The OC-Tech boat picks up bulky solids separately, storing marine litter in other tanks separately from the floating liquid waste.

The OC-Tech vessel will have a floating solid waste collection system in the bow operating continuously and which will be responsible for picking up any floating packaging and bulky litter, and storing it in a solid waste tank located on the deck.

R&D methodology: Research used to develop the solid waste collection system.

Stage 1: Blueprint design

Stage 2: Integration of devices for testing in the lab vessel

Stage 3: Construction of real models


Integration of devices during real tests in a laboratory boat

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