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to clean the ocean

oceancleaner H2020

Ocean Cleaner Technology builds and sells the OC-Tech cleaning multitask vessel

OC-Tech® is an innovative cleaning multitask catamaran fighting against any marine pollution capable of recovering hydrocarbon spills, microalgae harmful and algal blooms, dealing with marine debris, plastics and microplastics in open and confined waters at 2-4 knots speed.

Without chemical products, the OC-Tech cleaning systems (placed under the deck of the vessels), can separately clean solid marine litter from spill in a continuous non-stop process (>8h/day), with an efficient waste and spill output rate of several tons/hour.

Probably the best cleaning multitask vessel of the world

multitask vessels

Ocean cleaner wants to HELP solvE THE HUGE problem of marine and rivers pollution


DID you know that every year…

million tons of hidrocarbons

million of microplastics

millio tons of plastics

million tons of toxic algae

are polluting the ocean life

What are the oc-tech vessels?

why are they profitable every day?

The OC-Tech® cleaning multitask catamaran is a versatile and profitable environmental tool on the open sea, in port (inter&extra), inshore and in river situations because can work and clean as a swiss army knives: as a work boat, as a cleaning vessel and as an Emergency Response and Recovery Vessel (ERRV).

✅ As a daily cleaning vessel, the OC-Tech cleans up any floating marine debris simply passing over it, can store separately spills and marine litter and finally can deliver in port to recycling them.

✅ Without chemical products the OC-Tech cleans up everything.

      ▶️ The OC-Tech cleans any floating spill: hydrocarbons, oils, microalgae harmful blooms. 

      ▶️ The OC-Tech cleans any floating marine debris: plastics, packaging, microplastics, algae and jellyfish blooms, etc.

✅ As a work boat, thanks to its wide open deck, it is perfect for transporting people or cargo, bathymetry, placing protection barriers, ships supply, etc.

✅ As an emergency vessel ERRV 24h / 7d, the OC-Tech can work as a quick response vessel in case of accidents and emergencies caused by oil spills, toxic microalgae blooms, etc.

what can we clean?


plastics and microplastics

Macro & microalgae blooms

Video Tour

a look into the future

Marine pollution is a growing reality but we can reverse it

The OC-Tech product has been granted twice by the European Union in the context of the R&D HORIZON H-2020 program, after has been classified as an excellent, profitable, disruptive and innovative environmental product for the society and the ocean.

We are growing in …



OCT Headquarters en El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz


OCT commercial agency en Marsella


OCT commercial agency en Istanbul

USA & Panamá

Coming soon

Management team

Luis Miranda - CEO

Luis Miranda


Santiago Miranda

Santiago Miranda

Sales Manager & Head of Environmental Research

Christian Harhoff

Christian Harhoff

Internacional Relationships

our seals of excellence

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