HARMFUL MACRO & microlgae blooms

Due to global water warming, harmful macro and microalgae blooms periodically grow up every year on more shorelines, rivers, lakes and lagoons around the world.

Harmful macro and microalgae blooms are biodegradable in the medium term, but they can be toxic and difficult to clean, causing serious damages to nearby population, tourism, fishing industry or fish farms.

An effective solution to clean the ocean hits the market: “THE OC-TECH VESSEL”

vessels can cleanup harmful macro and microalgae blooms and can also carry out several maritime works

Recogida de plagas de micreoalgas

Did you know that…?

❌ In 1976 a very serious episode of paralyzing intoxication occurred in North Europe due to the consumption of bivalves and, after tracing the origin of the product, they turned out to be mussels from Galicia that had been infected by a red toxic microalgae.

❌ In many parts of eastern coastal of US and in most of the Great Lakes, the increase in microalgae blooms has been growing in relation to the arrival of nearby agricultural nutrients and due to global water warming.

❌ Periodic microalgae blooms reach the Norwegian fjords killing millions of salmon that have been raised on fish farms.


HARMFUL microalgae BLOOMS expansion

hIGH ecological impact oVER the MARINE ecosystem

OC-Tech Vessel

An innovative solution to clean harmful macro and microalgae blooms


✅ The first two OC-Tech vessels ever sold were for  the Government of Canarias to clean cyanobacteria blooms that used to reach the coasts, damaging tourism and the islands´blue and clean beaches landscape.

✅  After multiple validation doing real tests in Tenerife Island coast, two OC-Tech® vessel units were sold to the Government of Canary Islands to tackle with the invasive proliferation of harmful cyanobacteria/ microalgae blooms and other cleanup activities.

✅ As port and coastal cleaning multitask vessel, the OC-Tech® is ready and alert to cleanup any macro & microalgae bloom.

✅ The OC-Tech® attacks the microalgae bloom, can isolate it with a barrier, collects it from the sea and stores it into containers through a continuous process.

✅ The microalgae bloom will be delivered in a nearby port to be recycled and recovered as a natural marine product.

✅ The new OC-Tech ECO Rapid has electric engines and can be easily transported by road.


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